3M™ Tegaderm™ High Performance Foam Adhesive Dressing 90611, Small Oval, Box of 5

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4 inch x 4-1/2 inch (10cm x 11cm) High Performance Foam Adhesive Dressing, Small Oval, Total Fluid Management Plus Moist Skin Adherence, Pad size 2-1/2 inch x 3 inch (6cm x 7,6cm), 5 Dressings in a Box.

Full line of highly absorbent, breathable adhesive foam dressings.


  • Reduced potential for skin maceration
  • Unique moist skin adhesive provides adherency to dry and moist skin conditions
  • Soft, conformable - patient comfort
  • Oval design conforms to contours
  • Mini wrap design ideal for toes, feet, noses, elbows and chins
  • Easy spoke delivery
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Brands 3M C3SD
SKU 3M_C3SD_AWC_DH888813978     




6 Inch (15 cm)


4 Inch (10 cm)



Backing Material



Wound Care, Pressure Ulcer, Dressing and Device Securement


Emergency, Wound Care, Oncology, Urgent Care, Operating Room-Surgery, Medical-Surgical, Radiology, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular, Pediatrics

Dressing and Device Securement Condition Type

Skin Injuries-Allergic & Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Dressing Type

Foam Dressing

Pressure Ulcer Condition Type

Unstageable, Stage 2, Prevention, Stage 3, Stage 4

Product Type

Foam Dressing

Wound Care Condition Type

Abrasions, Closed Intact Surgical Wound, Donor Sites, Friction, Laceration, Neuropathic Ulcers, Open Surgical Wounds, Skin Tear, Superficial Partial Thickness Burns, Venous Leg Ulcer

Wound Dressing Length (metric)

6 cm

Wound Dressing Width (metric)

7.6 cm

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