A&D UA-1030T- Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • TriCheck™ Measurement Feature
  • 90 Memory Recall
  • Verbal Coaching in English, French or Spanish
  • Clock, Time & Date Stamp
  • Pressure Rating Indicator™
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting
  • Advanced Warning System
  • Carrying Case Included
  • AC Adapter Included
  • SmoothFit™ Cuff
  • Clinically Validated
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3 Years Warranty

Regulatory Approvals European CE

Product Features:

The UA-1030T Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor improves upon all of the innovations A&D Medical has created over its 30+ year history. This fully featured monitor is equipped with innovations in cuff design, inflation and deflation (Triple A Technology). To speed up readings users can preset pressure levels or set them to automatic. The UA-1030T offers the option of TriCheck measurement which allows users to take three consecutive readings and receive an average, complying with the American Heart Association’s latest recommendation. The UA-1030T has the option to give all readings and instructions in English, French or Spanish.

People resist taking their blood pressure because it can be uncomfortable. As a cuff constricts during a measurement, wrinkles form on the inside of the cuff. The material bunches up against a user’s arm and creates discomfort. The new SmoothFit Cuff is designed to seamlessly conform to the user’s arm and give the most comfortable experience possible. It comes standard with the UA-1030T Premier Talking Blood Pressure Monitor.

•   TriCheck – Three consecutive measurements and advanced averaging.
•   Pressure Rating Indicator – Providing a snapshot of the user’s blood pressure classification according to the US JNC7 and WHO guidelines.
•   Irregular Heartbeat Detection – Alerts the user to the presence of an irregular heartbeat while still providing an accurate reading.
•   Advanced Warning System – Alerts the user to the most common problems while monitoring, and helps to avoid them.
•   Triple A Technology – Advanced cuff design, advanced inflation and advanced deflation, which translates to faster more accurate and more comfortable readings.
•   SmoothFit Cuff – Seamless conforming cuff to take the pain out of monitoring.

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