Accu-Chek Active Meter (10 strips free)

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Testing Blood Glucose

Gently slide the test strip into the test strip guide in the direction of the arrows. When the flashing drop symbol is displayed, apply blood drop to the center of the green field. After approx. 5 seconds, the test result appears on the display. The meter turns off automatically by removing the test strip from it.

Out-of-meter dosing

When the flashing drop symbol is displayed, remove the test strip from the meter. Apply blood drop to test strip and reinsert it into the meter within approx. 20 seconds.

Auto-coding (only when Opening a New Test Strip Container)

Compare the code number on the code chip with the corresponding code number on the label of the test strip container. Leave meter turned off. Gently slide the code chip straight into the slot on the side of the meter. After inserting a test strip, the meter turns on automatically. Compare code number on display with a code number on test strip container.

Visual Double Check of Test Results

Before the blood glucose test: Compare the color of the test strip with the top colored dot on the test strip container. The colors must match. After the blood glucose test: Compare the color of the test strip with the colored dot on the test strip container that comes closest to your test result.

Retrieving Averages

While the meter is turned off, press the M button briefly and the latest result is displayed. Press the S button briefly. The first average, the 7-day average of all results, is displayed. Press the S button again to go to the next averages. Press M and S buttons at the same time to turn the meter off.

Flagging Test Results & Downloading Test Results

While the test result is displayed, press M or S button until the desired flag is displayed. Flags appear in this order when pressing the S button. Make sure that you have an Accu-Chek Diabetes Management solution on your PC. While the meter is turned off, connect the USB cable to the meter. Once the connection to the computer has been successfully established, the meter transfers all saved test results. During the data transfer, the PC is shown on the display.

Benefits and Features


  • No coding for even easier blood glucose monitoring
  • easy-to-read display  (new typeface)
  • intuitive handling with just 2 buttons


  • Underdose detection
  • visual double-check
  • 10 seconds re-dose option


  • Pre- and postmeal markers
  • postprandial reminder
  • 7,14,30 or now 90-day test averages


  • Display: 96 segments LCD display with symbols
  • Auto Power Off: 30 or 90 seconds according to operating status
  • Battery Life: Approx. 1000 tests or one year
  • Battery: 1 battery, type CR 2032
  • Sample Size: 1 - 2 μL
  • Under-dosing Detection: Yes
  • Measuring principle: Photometric end-point
  • Measuring range: 0.6 mmol/L – 33.3 mmol/L
  • Measuring time: 
    o Approx. 5 sec (blood application with test strip within the meter)
    o Approx. 8 sec (blood application with test strip outside the meter)
  • Measuring conditions: Temperature: +8°C to +42°C (+46°F to +107°F)
  • Humidity: up to 85 % relative humidity
  • Storage conditions: Without battery: -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F)
  • Humidity: 
    o Measurement: 85 % relative humidity
    o Storage: 93 % relative humidity
  • Blood volume: 0.6 μL
  • Memory capacity: Up to 500 measurements with date and time
  • Test averages: 7, 14, 30, 90 days
  • Altitude independence: 0 – 4000m (0 – 13123 feet)
  • Dimensions: 97.8 x 46.8 x 19.1mm
  • Weight: 
    o 46g without battery
    o 50g with battery


1) Data on file. ISO 15197:2013, in vitro diagnostic test systems requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus include tighter requirements for accuracy and new criteria for hematocrit and other interferences.

2) Freckmann G et al. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2012;6(5):1060-1075.

3) Baumstark A et al. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2012;6(5):1076-1086. 4) Brazg RL et al. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2013;7(1):144-152.

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