Actar D-fib AED CPR Manikin

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  • The Actar D-fib combined Manikin and AED training pack offers all the features needed to teach both CPR and AED.
  • The moulded manikins are lightweight yet strong and reliable, the upper body accommodates the Actar AED training electrode pads, and can be used for both child and adult compression's when teaching CPR.
  • Consisting of 5 pieces, the Actar D-fib packs away making it easy to carry and yet it is quick and simple to assemble.
  • The Actar D-fib manikin is hygienic and saves you save time and hassle: disposable lungs means there is no need for soaking and disinfection.
  • If used individually, the disposable lung doubles as a face shield/barrier negating the need to use disinfectant wipes between students.
  • The Actar AED trainer can be used with the CD's provided or alongside a conventional AED trainer.
  • The AED trainer allows students to simulate the use of an AED, complete with simulated electrode pad placement as required by the HSE for FAW & EFAW courses.
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