Adenoid Curette without cage

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A curette is a manual surgical instrument that looks something like a small, stainless steel "window" attached to a handle. The inside edge of the top of the "window" is very sharp.

An adenoid curette that includes A shank, a handle, and a cutting head. The shank has a pin, male threads, and a collar. The cutting head is a loop that is continuous and has a groove, a slot, and a neck. The shank is placed in the groove and in the neck, and the pin is positioned in the slot. The collar is threaded onto the male threads, captures the neck during threading, and abuts against the cutting head during threading so as to force the pin further into the slot until the collar can no longer rotate indicating that the pin is fully seated in the slot and thereby causing the cutting head to be captured between the pin and the collar and thereby interchangeably retaining the cutting head on the shank. 

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