Artery Forcep (Straight)

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Specifications :
Shape :
Size :5",
 6”, 7”, 8” & 10"
Material Used :
 Stainless Steel


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Artery Forcep 7" (Straight)
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Artery Forcep 8" (Straight)
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Artery Forcep 6" (Straight)
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There are times when blood vessels may rupture. When this happens, surgeons make use of an instrument called artery forceps. Artery forceps are also known as hemostats or clamps. Artery forceps are quite commonly used in the field of medicine. These instruments particularly come in handy to paramedics when they need to treat patients who are in need of immediate care and who have suffered from a large amount of blood loss. By making use of artery forceps to control the bleeding on site, the paramedics can ensure that the patient reaches the emergency room of the hospital to be treated without having lost a lot of blood.

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