Basco Iontophoresis w/o timer

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  • An inexpensive machine, its Operating costs are also very low.
  • Very effective, safe and gives superior results, thereby increasing the efficiency of the physician.
  • The device has electrodes placed in a shallow pan containing just enough level of water to cover the palms/soles.
  • The device is switched on with the potentiometer turned on to the minimum position.
  • Improves the quality of medical care.

Now the patient's palms / soles are placed in the pan. (Note : Electrodes should be covered with wet cloth and kept under the armpits). And the potentiometer is slowly advanced.

As it is rotated to 5-8 mA, the current begins flowing, and is increased till the patient feels a little discomfort. At this stage, the current is slightly reduced and permitted to flow for 10-12 minutes, then the current is reduced to zero, and the patient's palms / soles are removed. This treatment is resumed after some time, when the current polarity reversing switch is thrown. This enables each side being subject to anodal current for half of the treatment period.

It's a simple device very useful in palmer and plantar as well as Armpits Hyperhidrosis. It provides for an effective procedure that yields excellent results relieving Hyperhydrosis of Palms and Soles and in Armpits.

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