Biocare iE 6 Digital 6-Channel ECG

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  • The 6-channel ECG Biocare IE-6 is a handy,easy to use,mobile, resting ECG device
  • It has touchscreen display, alphanumeric keyboard and shortcut buttons for quick patient data input
  • The large internal storage offers space for up to 1,500 ECGs
  • With integrated thermo printer, the collected data can be immediately printed onto 112mm wide paper.
  • The defibrillation protected Biocare IE-6 with evaluation and interpretation, provides a simultaneous presention of up to 12 leads on an 8 inch large LCD screen and offers 3 lead modes (auto, manual and rhythm).

  • High-resolution 8" TFT-LCD display with touchscreen 
  • Simultaneous presention of up to 12 leads
  • With pacemaker recognition
  • Defibrillation protected
  • Various modes: auto, manual, rhythm
  • AC-, deep pass- and baseline shift filters
  • Includes evaluation and interpretation
  • Adjustable standby mode
  • Various connection options (SD Card, USB)
  • 15° angled display - for particularly easy readability
  • With integrated lithium battery (2.5 hours of continuous operation with fully charged battery)
  • Warning alarm from detached electrodes or low battery life
  • Measured parameters: Heart frequency, PR interval, QRS time limit, QT/QTc interval, P/QRS/T axes, RV5/SV1 amplitude
  • Dimensions: 25.7 x 29.1 x 10.6cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 2.3kg 
  • PC connectivity is optional
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