Biosense A1c Meter

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  • Easy HbA1C testing : 
    Easy two step testing.
  • Quick and accurate results : 
    HbA1C test result within 5 minutes.
    NGSP and IFCC certified.
  • Automatic Calibration : 
    No need of separate calibration. 
    Just insert the chip & done
  • Wide operating temperature range : 
    A1Chek meter comes with wide operating temperature range of 10-40 degree centigrade.



The A1Chek is Smart HbA1C Meter. This is used to quantitatively measure the concentration of HbA1C in whole blood, suitable for the self-monitoring of HbA1C for diabetes patients. It helps users to understand their diabetes control status or to monitor their risk of developing diabetes.

The importance of regular monitoring of HbA1C test is that it can help you manage diabetes effectively.

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