BMC RESmart Auto BI-PAP Y25T

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RESmart GII BPAP System U-25T / Y-25T / Y-30T

An intelligent technology, featured in the RESmart GII Y/U series, it delivers automatic solution for patients with OSA and/or respiratory insufficiency. Aligned with same platform as RESmart GII BPAP System, Y series adapt pressure automatically to patient’s needs and provide a better synchronization.

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Brands BMC

Key Features

Target Tidal Volume

Pressure support automatically adjusts according to target tidal volume as to improve hypoventilation. Real time monitoring includes Pressure, Flow, Expiratory tidal volume (Vte), Respiratory rate (RR), Minute ventilation (MV), Leak, Inspiration time (Ti), SpO2* and Pulse rate (PR)*.

Ventilation efficacy

Advanced leakage compensation promises adequate volume support. Ti Control, I/E Sense and Rise time guarantee better ventilation synchronization.

Other key features

BMC+ iCode App SpO2 Kit (Optional) GPRS / Wi-Fi Kit (Optional, individually or combined with SpO2 Kit)


Device Size Dimensions: 170 mm × 180 mm × 118 mm, or 290 mm × 180 mm × 134 mm (with the humidifier)

Weight: 1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)

Mode of Operation Continuous

Work Mode CPAP, S, AutoS, AutoCPAP, S/T, T

SD Card -SD card can record patient data and fault information.

AC Power Consumption 100 – 240 V ~ 2 – 1 A, 50 / 60 Hz

Pressure Range IPAP: 4.0 ~ 25.0 hPa (only applies to Y-25T, U-25T)

EPAP: 4.0 ~ 25.0 hPa (only applies to Y-25T, Y-30T, U-25T, U-30T, U-30AT)

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