BPL Biphasic Defibrillator Relife 900 /AED/R

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The Relife 900 is a biphasic defibrillator with a clear 7" LCD screen and comes with features such as remote energy selection, remote charging and discharging througn paddles, patient paddle contact indication, 24 event memory, synchronised cardioversion and metronome signals.Its current controlled bi-phasic waveform lowers the electrical threshold for successful defibrillation.With value added functions like AED and thermal recorder for your defibrillation needs. Masimo SpO2 and Suntech® NIBP are available as optional features.
Allows the clear and precise display of multiple waveforms and defibrillation parameters The current controlled bi-phasic waveforms lower the electrical threshold for successful defibrillation, besides adjusting for impedance 100 charge/discharge of 300J with the fully charged new battery 2-300 J of energy level can be selected for defibrillation by the user Remote energy selection, charging and discharging through paddles facilitate convenient usage Continuous voice prompts and on-screen messages to aid in revival and resuscitation process Metronome signal for synchronizing chest compression during CPR Synchronized Cardioversion function is available for providing defibrillation on sync with ECG waveform Memorises always the last 24 Critical Event ECG information which can be viewed or recorded Patient-Paddle quality of contact is provided on screen
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