ChoiceMMED 8000C Multipara Monitor

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  • Displays 7 waveforms on the screen and Simultaneously displays 6-leads ECG waveform on a single screen.
  • 300 seconds ECG waveforms review, 60 items alarm event records.
  • 168-hour Trend for NIBP,SpO2, HR, ST and data records and stores 400 groups NIBP data.
  •  3-level audible and visual alarm.
  •  Adjust volume more accurately by digital system.

Display: 12” pixel color TFT

Resolution: 800*600

Trace: 9 waveforms maximum

Indicator: Power indicator light

Battery: 2.3 Ah 12V rechargeable battery

Battery life: 3 hours, continue to work about 5 minutes after the first alarm of low battery,

Maximum charging time is less than 6 hours.

Network interface: standard RJ45 Socket

Trend: 720 hours

Alarm: Audible and visual 、character and voice 4 kinds of alarm

Networking: Cable or wireless networking

NIBP review: 1000 NIBP events

Wave review: 2 hours

Alarm review: 200 alarm events

Other: all storage data are non volatile

Recorder (optional): Built‐in, thermal array, 3 channels

Record width: 48mm,(record paper 50mm)

Record speed: 25/50 mm/s


Lead Type: 5‐lead or 3‐lead selectable

Input: 5‐lead: RA、LA、LL、RL、V

3‐lead: RA、LA、LL

Standard Lead: I, II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V

ECG Waveform: 7 channels

Display Gain Scales: 2.5mm/mV, 5.0mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV

Input Resistance: >5M ohm

Sweep Speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s

Heart Rate Range:

Adult :15 to 300 bpm Neonatal/Pediatric: 15 ~ 350 bpm

Accuracy:  1%

Resolution: 1 bpm


Diagnostic Mode >90 dB

Monitor Mode >110 dB

Surgery Mode >110 dB


Surgery 1 ~ 20 Hz

Monitor 0.5 ~ 40 Hz

Diagnostic 0.05 ~ 130 Hz

Standard signal 1mv ± 5%

ST detection: Measurement range: ‐0.8 mV~+0.8mV

Accuracy: ±0.02mV

Arrhythmia analysis: YES

Alarm: YES ,Audible and visual 、character and voice 4 kinds of alarm


Display range 0~100%

Resolution 1%

Accuracy: 70% ~ 100% 2 % ; 0~69% Unspecified

Pulse Rate

Measurement Range: 20~250bpm

Accuracy:   3bpm

Resolution 1bpm


Method: Oscillometric

Patient Types: Adult, Pediatric, Infant

Measurement Modes: Manual, Auto, STAT

Measurement Range:

Adult Infant

SYS 40 ~ 280 mmHg 40~135mmHg

DIA 10 ~ 220 mmHg 10~100mmHg

MEAN 20 ~ 240 mmHg 20~110mmHg

Pressure Resolution: 1mmHg


Static pressure accuracy 3mmHg

Maximum Mean error 5mmHg

Maximum Standard deviation 8mmHg

Over‐pressure protection:

Adult 300 mmHg

Pediatric 240 mmHg

Neonatal 150 mmHg


Measurement Unit: ℃ and ·F selectable

Range 0 ~ 50  ℃

Resolution 0.1 ℃

Accuracy(no sensor) ± 0.1℃(0℃ – 50℃)

Channel 2 

Dimension and Weight

Dimension 306×287×172 mm

Weight 3.4 kg without battery

Operation Environment

Power: 100V~240 V 50 Hz /60 Hz 1.5Amax

Max Input Power: 90VA

Operating Temperature: 0 C to 40C

Storage Temperature: ‐20C to50C

Operating Humidity: 15% to 90 %

Storage Humidity: 15% to 90 % (no coagulation)

Atmospheric pressure: 86.0 kPa ~ 106.0kPa(working or storage)

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