Comen C60 Neonatal Monitor (8.4")

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Neonantal Comen C60 Patient Monitor is very light because only 2.5kg making it easy to transport. Comen C60 is already complete with 6 parameters such as ECG/HR, Masimo SpO2, PR, NIBP, RESP and TEMP, but it can also be equipped with a bedrail hook for placement on the patient monitor patient beds. So if your hospital or clinic requires a reliable patient monitor with all its sophistication, Comen C60 neonantal patient monitor can be a material consideration.

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1 Year Warranty

Brands Comen

Apnea Self-saving monitoring

Unique neonatal self savinfgmonitoring solves the suffocation symptom brought by apnea neonatrum, gives superioir care to the neonates

Oxygen Concentration Monitoring Function

Medical staff can command and acquire the history of incubator oxygen denaity through monitoring oxygen density, with the oxygen density sensor.

Neonatal ECG Cables And Electrodes

According to the character of neonates' HR, use the latest ExComen ECG technoloy to gurante the accuracy of measurement.

Neonatal Monitor Protection 

C60 enhanecs the anti-interference capability of the NIBP measurement and ensures the data accuracy in neonate movement status.

According to the low blodd & low perfussion character of neonate , COMEN uses Adap-DSP system to provide mopre accurate measurement.



Use Masimo SpO2 technology , specialised neontal suffocation self-saving function equipped with oxygen density monitoring function.

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