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Managing Diabetes is easy with  Clever Chek  Blood Glucose Test Strips. Requiring only 0.7 micro liter of blood, these test strips are custom designed for effective and easy handling. Comes in a pack of 50 strips, each to be used with a Clever Chek TD – 4230 meter Blood Glucose Meter!

Product Details -Key Highlights 

1. Compatible with Clever Chek TD – 4230 meter Blood Glucose Meter.

2. Clever Chek Test strips in combination with Blood Glucose meter are intended for quantititative measurement of blood glucose in fresh capillary whole blood from finger and following alternative sites :the palm, the forearm, the upper arm, the calf, the thigh

Storage Condition / Directions for use

Test Strips expire 90 days after opening the test strip vial. Store in a cool dry place between 4 degrees and 40 degrees. Do not Freeze. Use the strips in environment less than 85% humidity. Keep the strips away from direct sunlight.

Pack Size

Available in Pack Size of 50 strips (2 X 25 strips)

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