Coloplast 11856, Each

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  • 60 mm
  • Non-return valve prevents backflow
  • Multichamber ensure flat profile and reduce splashing noise
  • The soft tuck-away outlet for discretion and comfort
  • 360 degree rotatable
Frequently Bought Together
  • Protection layer - protects the skin from stoma output
  • Skin care layer - keeps skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture
  • Anti-reflux valve - prevents the urine from washing over the stoma, reducing the risk of urinary infections.
  • Soft tuck-away outlet - easy to use and can be tucked away when not in use. This prevents it from rubbing on your leg, offering more comfort and discretion.
  • Multi-chambers - the pouch has been divided into chambers which spread the urine evenly within the pouch. This allows it to have a flat and discreet profile while reducing splashing sounds.
  • Two piece systems do not come with barrier
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