Cosco Trim 270 R Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Cosco CEB 270 R Recumbent Bike is the best fitness equipment that you can have at home. The Recumbent Bike lets you stay indoors and exercise from the comfort of your home. The highly efficient recumbent bike is designed such that you sit with your legs in front. It provides cardio exercise and lets you watch your weight. It is safe and offers a lot of comfort.

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The Cosco CEB 270 R Recumbent Bike comes with a 5kg flywheel. As you pedal the bike, the flywheels spin and build momentum. It gives you a smooth ride making you feel like you are riding a real bike. It simulates pedalling up a hill .This is because the flywheel offers continuous resistance. The recumbent bike has 8 resistance levels. The higher you go the more rigorous is the workout. It has dual direction resistance. It is also equipped with a meter and a hand pulse. The meter lets you see the cycling speed which can be increased or decreased manually.


The Cosco CEB 270 R Recumbent Bike gives you safety while you work out .It lets you burn the calories without hurting your joints and muscles. The bike has 8 resistance levels to suit your workout regime. It is a form of cardio exercise which strengthens your lungs and heart and improves the body ability to use oxygen. It improves you heart rate and blood pressure. The recumbent bike can be installed at your home and thus saves you the trouble of visiting a gym or going for cycling outside.

Additional Features

The Cosco CEB 270 R Recumbent Bike can withstand a user weight of max 110 kgs. It has a dimension of 138*65*98 cm. The seat of the bike can be adjusted as per your convenience. The bike is from a well known brand and is thus very safe to use.

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