Cytobrush Plus - C0005

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Cytobrush Plus® 50 brushes per Box

Cytobrush Plus - C0005

The Classic CytobrushPlus® Cell Collector for endocervical sampling is excellent for nulliparous, menopausal, and women that have had a conization procedure. The gentle brush collects large amounts of cells that are easily transferred to slides for analysis.

Cytobrush Plus® GT

The Cytobrush Plus® GT with the gentle touch tip provides all the benefits of the Classic Brush and a protective bulb designed to minimize trauma to the canal, thus yielding a high-quality tissue sample with minimal contamination.

Available in both the Classic and Gentle Touch tip designs.



        • Available in the Classic Cytobrush Plus® and Cytobrush Plus® GT configurations
        • Gentle-touch tip
        • Collection of large samples, easily transferable to slides
        • Legnth: 196 mm


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