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The thought that one person is related to me and another is not is that of the narrow-minded. For the broadminded, however, the whole world is one family. (Hitopadesha: 1.3.71)


Taking learnings from our rich civilization, we at ColMed have developed a comprehensive, BUY AS ONE FAMILY -  KUTUMB program, which will help you in bulk buying quality medical devices and consumables, as per the need of your health-care unit from our repository of 10,000+ medical devices and products, and benefit with lowest price, due to the economies of scale achieved by the program


This concept is not new to the western world, commonly referred to as GPO (Group Purchasing Organization)



So what exactly is a GPO?


 A Group Purchasing Organization, referred to as a "GPO," is an entity that helps health care providers realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating the purchasing volume of their members and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors.


ColMed being India’s largest Medical device and Consumable distributor, largely leveraging on tech-driven supply chain excellence, and having tie-up with almost all major medical device and consumables, can help you with best possible pricing on quality medical devices and consumables. This robust model benefits you in the following ways:


  • Reduced expenses on buying medical devices and consumables
  • Assurance of Quality Products
  • Better Patient Outcomes


So how does it work?

1. A Health Care Provider (HCP) with inpatient facility of minimum 5 Beds applies for the Kutumb program by sending email to us as mentioned below the chart.

2. The HCP application is reviewed by our team and all the details are verified.

3. On successful verification, the registered profile is tagged as “Parivar” member

4. The “Parivar” member is eligible for following benefits.


Our Discount Chart:

Avg. Monthly Purchase

Cashback %

Average. Annual Saving

Rs. 1 - 4.99 lakhs


Rs.1 lakh

Rs. 5 - 9.99 lakhs


Rs. 4 lakh

Rs. 10 - 25 lakhs


Rs. 9 lakh

Rs. 25 lakhs <


Rs. 25 lakh


**The Cashback amount is credited on 15th of every next month. As easy it sounds, what are you waiting for? Connect with our team today:

 Email us your following details at with subjects as "GPO enquiry"


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