PediaMedica Infantometer


PediaMedica: Infantometer

For easy, precise length measurement of the babies and toddlers while lying down. 
Measurement Options in both cm and inches
Clinical Length v/s age and weight charts for easy reference
Easy to clean,easy to store, foldable with fitting for storing on wall
Light weight, portable and easy to carry 
Ergonomic Design to ensure safety of  the baby
Fixed head piece and the sliding foot positioned for easy use


Tree Height Chart - 100108

Tree Height Chart - 100108

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PediaMedica Infantometer   


Measurement method:

  1. Lie the baby on the measuring mat. The baby’s head must rest against the head stop of the measuring mat.
  2. Using your right hand, push the foot stop in the direction of the baby’s feet. Use the left hand to hold the baby in position.
  3. Stretch the baby’s legs by pressing its knees gently down to the mat with the left hand.    
  4. With your right hand, rest the foot stop at right-angles to the soles of the baby’s feet. 
  5. Read off body length at the marking on the measuring mat.

If the above steps are followed, accuracy greater than +/- 5 mm is achieved.

Chart Referring Method:

  1. Once you place the foot stop at the sole of the baby’s feet and the measurement is taken into account, refer the weight –for-length chart.
  2. Move the baby and immediately compare the baby’s measured weight and length with the given charts right there.


How to read the chart :

1)      Chart (1) & (2) length for age charts.

2)      Chart (3) & (4) weight-for-length charts.

3)      For e.g.: If the length of your baby is 57.5 cm then the average weight for a baby boy will be 5.3 kg and for a baby girl would be 5.2 kg.

How to measure using infantometer

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