Janitri Fetal ECG and Uterine EMG based fetal monitor - KEYAR

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Janitri is a complete intrapartum and postpartum monitoring system.

KEYAR is a Fetal ECG and Uterine EMG based fetal monitoring device which monitors intrapartum fetal heart rate, uterine contraction and maternal heart rate.

It is preloaded with the basic version of DAKSH application which holds patient data. The DAKSH dashboard allows the admin and doctor to have access over all patient details.

KEYAR features:

  • Belt-less monitoring
  • One time placement
  • Numeric mode and graph mode
  • Live FHR, MHR and UC graph
  • Dock charging
  • Patient Mobility
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Audio visual alert and alarm system
  • No probe adjustment
  • DAKSH basic application

DAKSH basic application features:

  • Digital partograph
  • Single users ID
  • Covid-19 screening form
  • Doctor’s app for remote monitoring
  • Connectivity with KEYAR (max 3)
  • Access latest 15 patient’s data
  • Alerts and alarms for labor vitals
  • Partograph printing
  • Doctor notes
  • Live FHR, MHR and UC graph with KEYAR
  • Delivery form
  • Placenta form

Daksh premium version available on subscription basis at Rs.1990/Month

Package includes:

  1. Monitoring Device -1
  2. Abdomen Patch-1
  3. Electrode Pack -25 Nos
  4. Charging Dock- 1
  5. Adapter for Charging Dock- 1
  6. Connecting Cable for Device & Patch- 1
  7. 10 inch Tablet - 1
  8. Wall mounting or Table top Tablet compact
  9. Stand for 10 inch Tablet - 1

Software included:

  1. Single user ID
  2. DAKSH Basic
  3. Nurse application
  4. Doctor application


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