Automated Vascular Doppler Recorder

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The VPAD ABI is an advanced model to identify the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) - Very Accurate, Reliable. The automated vascular system, examine the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) at an early stage of diabetes. It can perform dynamic cuff based placement ABI in all arteries without the use of Doppler probes.

Based on the principles of Pulse Volume Recorder (PVR) techniques, the arterial blood flow can detect accurately and locate blockages in limbs. The Oscillometric methods of measuring blood pressure with an automated cuff yields examine of mean arterial, systolic and diastolic pressure in all limbs.

Technical details:-

* Fast, Reliable & Effective automated ABI Measurements.

* Accurate measurement of blood pressure using Oscillometric methods

* Save tracing time for Doppler arterial signal

* Automatic interpretation based on TASCII guidelines

* RS232/Serial Port/USB Data transfer facility.

* Easy export to PDF patient report generation.

* Automatic e-mail patient report forwarding.

* User-friendly & high-grade GUI software application.

* Also available in all in one diabetic packaging software.


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