About us

About Us

Collateral Medical Pvt. Ltd. is a leading medical device marketing, distribution, and retailing company that uses direct marketing to reach customers across India, including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities ranging from Jammu and Kashmir to Andaman and Nicobar and Gujarat to Nagaland.

The company has formed partnerships with medical device manufacturers from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and Korea to market and sell their products in India. We also have distribution and retail partnerships with established Indian players such as Abbott, BD, Cochlear, Convatec, J&J, 3M, GE, Roche, and others to ensure better visibility and efficient distribution of medical devices across India.

Collateral Medical, in addition to sales and marketing, provides pan-India after-sales service support and a robust customer feedback management system for logging, reporting, and tracking complaints. The operation, sales, and marketing teams are made up of Biomedical Engineers from top universities, ensuring the best communication with healthcare workers in the industry.

Collateral Medical's Leadership Team includes individuals with educational credentials from IITs, London Business School, and INSEAD, as well as individuals with strong leadership experience from medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson Medical, SRL, and GE Healthcare, and supply chain experts from leading hospital chains and medical device logistics companies in India. The board of directors at Collateral Medical comprises industry leaders from the healthcare and financial sectors.

The company is focused on bringing efficiency to access to Medtech through the use of technology and innovation, and it believes that partnerships are a key enabler in achieving this goal. Tens of thousands of healthcare professionals, hundreds of thousands of customers, thousands of retailers, over one thousand wholesalers, and the twenty largest pharmaceutical companies are among ColMed's customers.

The company was founded in 2010 and is well funded with venture capital and private equity. It has collaborations with leading healthcare providers and impact-focused debt funds. For the creation of value for all stakeholders, the company believes in proven economic business models and strong unit economics.