A1 Acoustic Rhinometer - Clinical

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A1 Acoustic Rhinometer

Acoustic Rhinometers allow A very repaid non invasive Examination of the nasal cavity using a sound pulse techniqueSize 27 6 x 28 cm Weight 2 kg Distance Range 12 cm Area Range 0.1 - 20 cm 0.001 -0. 3 cm 0.1- 5 cm 0.1- 20 cm

Acoustic Rhinometers allow a very rapid non invasive examination of the nasal cavity using a sound pulse technique. The A1 Clinical Rhinometer has the follwoing features:-

  • ln built calibration facility
  • Colour display
  • Display of mean and SD curves
  • A4 size printouts
  • Adjustable scale setting
  • Calculation of the first two minimum areas, position where minima's were found & the volume between two distances


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