Advin Uro Irrigation Pump

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1. The same unit is suitable for Hysteroscopy and Urology systems

2.Sterile tubing sets with sensor,a peristaltic pump,with two channels

3. Emulsion tube and shim are replaceable

4.A high sensitivity pressure sensor

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Brands Advin

The irrigation pump is designed according to the clinical experiment and is suitable for hysteroscope and urological surgery system.

 Under constant pressure, the rinse solution is introduced to ensure a clear vision and surgical space for the operation by continuously replenishing the washing fluid. 

The pump meets all users' requirements, and the operation is simpler and faster.

The intelligent self-diagnosis function can directly connect the infusion tube of the pressure sensor to the equipment, convenient and quick.

Once the cavity pressure is greater than or equal to the preset pressure, the infusion will be stopped automatically and the patient's safety will be ensured to a greater extent.

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