Biphasic Defibrillator LPM403A

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LifePlus Defibrillator is used for saving lives in emergency medicine, defibrillators are put to use during cardiac dysrhythmias and during ventricular defibrillation.

The device delivers countershock using electric current and recuperates an individual’s electric state of the heart to beat in a pattern that can be controlled.

The electric shock depolarises the heart muscle and hence brings back the normal conduction. Early in 1899, it was found that smaller electrical charges created ventricular fibrillation whereas large electrical charges reversed it and hence defbrillation as a concept was born. From paddle type bulky electrodes used in 1950s we have advanced to the modern day portable lesser weigh defibrillators. Defibrilaltors are no more limited to hospitals and emergency care set-ups. Automated external defibrillators, also called as PAD (Public Access Defibrillators) are installed in public places to save lives.

Life Plus LPM-403AN is a Biphasic Defib Monitor with Cardiac Monitor with AED & Printer. It has a 7″ color Screen, ECG , In- Build Battery backup , Trend & 360 J output.

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Brands Lifeplus


Easy Operation

Cardiac Monitor

In-Built Recorder

  • Biphasic Technology Both AED & Manual Modes ECG,Spo2 & In-Built Printer Color TFT Screen 7 Lead ECG Display Energy Selection – 02 ~ 360 Joules Display both Selected Delivered Energy
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